Our Mission: Food, Education, Health, Shelter


Advocacy Charity

Advocacy is an important aspect of Association d’aide aux orphelins’ work. Here are some more details on how the organization engages in advocacy:

  1. Policy advocacy:L’ Association d’aide aux orphelins works to advocate for policies that support the rights and well-being of orphaned children and youth. This includes advocating for policies that address issues such as education, health care, and child protection.
  2. Community advocacy: The organization also works to raise awareness and advocate for orphaned children and youth at the community level. This includes engaging with community leaders, organizing events and campaigns, and providing education and information to the broader community.
  3. Advocacy for individual children and youth: Association d’aide aux orphelins advocates for the rights and well-being of individual orphaned children and youth. This includes providing legal and other support to children and youth who are facing challenges such as abuse or neglect.

By engaging in advocacy, L’Association d’aide aux orphelins helps to promote the rights and well-being of orphaned children and youth both at the policy level and within their communities. This not only helps to improve the lives of individual children and youth but also contributes to broader efforts to address issues such as poverty, inequality, and social injustice.


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