adologoL'Association d’Aide aux Orphelins (ADO) implements a Child-Focused Community Development (CFCD) approach, which includes program activities in the areas of food & nutrition, health & water, education, and livelihoods. We work with vulnerable and at-risk children, their caregivers, and communities to cultivate the social, economic, cultural, and environmental conditions needed for families to thrive. Internationally, our goal is to improve the food and nutrition security of mothers and children, which we believe can be achieved when:

  • parents have the skills they need to raise well-nourished and thriving children;
  • communities are clean and keep children healthy;
  • children get the education they need to grow up to have good jobs and to raise healthy children themselves; 
  • and parents have the skills and resources they need to feed their families.

L'Association d’Aide aux Orphelins’s international staff of more than 20 individuals has a diverse set of skills and expertise that ensure our programs are carried out with great dedication and bring positive impact to the families we serve. Over 98% of our national staff are nationals of the region where they work, making sure our activities are culturally relevant and appropriate, involve community members as stakeholders, and can be sustained by the community.

We seek relationships with organizations, public and private corporations, foundations, and individuals that share a passion for serving children. L'Association d’Aide aux Orphelins strategically engages the local government and community leaders to discuss the true need of the community and to develop a collaborative plan for action. The activities introduced are therefore built on joint participation and combine meeting immediate nutritional, health, and educational needs of children while promoting long-term sustainable change to children, their caregivers and communities.